Our Product

Our focus is to produce coconut shell charcoal and its derivative product, namely briquette.

Made from coconut shell, we also work together with local farmers as suppliers of raw materials. Thus, we take part in protecting the environment by recycling waste and contributing to the welfare of the surrounding community.


Coconut Shell Charcoal


Coconut shells can be easily processed into charcoal, which is the raw material of its various derivative products.  Coconut shell charcoal can be categorized as safe, leaves very little ash and is environmentally friendly



Coconut shells can be recycled and shaped into briquettes that are used in your smoking shisha/hookah and-or your grill/barbecue.

Briquette is advance product of coconut shell charcoal which is processed by mixing other ingredients to be shaped, moulded and heated.

Briquette does not affect the taste of your shisha/hookah and keep the food on your grill safe because briquette is made from natural ingredients without harmful substances. The other benefits are the coconut hard-shell texture helps burn hotter and longer than regular briquette, odorless and produce little residue.


From the general habits view of using briquette, it is categorized into two types, for shisha/hookah and for grilling/barbecue.

– Shisha

As the name implies, this type of briquette is used for “smoking” or shisha/hookah. The shisha culture in Middle Eastern countries is very popular.

– Barbecue

In Asia, such as Korea and Japan, this type of briquette is used for cooking purposes in restaurants. Meanwhile in Europe, it is used for roasting meat.