About Us                     

PT. Multi Coco Nusantara, abbreviated to MCN is a private Indonesian company that is running in the business of making coconut shell briquettes for shisha and barbeque.


Established to fill a niche in the coconut shell charcoal and briquette production industry which has a high demand from a large share of domestic and export markets, we are consistently moving forward and trying to improve our products and services.

In each process, we always ensure that the quality of our production is in accordance with the required quality standards. Besides that, we also strive to provide benefits to our business partners, by means of;

  • Prioritizing transparency, fairness, accountability, the best standards, ethics and responsibility
  • Positioning as part of a customer institution, where the success and satisfaction of customer is a measure of our success.    And last but not least
  • Competitive and affordable prices